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Title. Double click me.

Title. Double click me.

Musician / Multi-Instrumentalist

Composer / Song Writer

Angel Lo Verde
The Angel Lo Verde Band & The Blues Bug
The Angel Lo Verde Band

It's September and we're back in!
We are preparing a funk/soul collective for this winter with both "The Angel Lo Verde Band" & "The Blues Bug". If the pandemic of covid-19 don't change our plans, get ready for a soulful winter 'cause we're gonna have a funky good time!!!

Angel Lo Verde

Recording for my 3rd album....

Angel Lo Verde/Recording Mode


I am very happy to announce that from 11/11/2019 my 1st album will be exclusively available at Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery.
Official Site:

Angel Lo Verde - I Want It

Out now I WANT IT released on May 8 of 2019.

Mo Soul


A blog about music. The player's playlist is updated everyday with 15 music selections. Browse to check photos about art, music and anything beautiful and listen to the bonus tracks posted.

Plus Mo soul gets bigger and better hosting dj's

that will blow your mind with their excellent taste in music. Drop by and check, here's the link:

Mo' Soul
Mo Soul

Listen to Mo' Soul radio 24/7.

Angel Lo Verde Youtube

New videos uploaded on youtube from live shows. Drop by and listen:

Check out the new official video of "Two Days"

Check out the new quarantine video we uploaded!

New song!!!

"Do The right Thing" with guest the great Florian Mikuta on keyboards. Check it out!!!!

Announcing my next guest, the great saxophonist Sam Marlieri at my new song "Come Shine". A soulful and talented musician with quality sound and groovy riffs!

Very proud to announce that the great jazz guitarist Ed Cherry is featuring on "Till The End".

You can check more of his work and projects on his web site:

Or on wikipedia:


*Special thanks to Pat Bianchi for his great help!

Happy to announce that the great bassist Alekos Arapis features on most of my songs giving a soulful and groovy mood. Check him out!

Angel Lo Verde
Louiza Sofianopoulou
Ionna Mitsoglou
Thodoris Pistolas

I'm in the studio recording for my 2nd album with some excellent musicians as guests. Some of them you already know and two more. Louiza Sofianopoulou on vocals, an excellent singer and Ioanna Mitsoglou on drums, a very soulfull drummer.

 l am proud to announce the addition of another guest to the project.
In the song, " Music, Healer Of Soul & Mind ", along with Alekos Arapis on bass as well as Jenny Κapadai and Giannis Georgakis on vocals, we are honoured to have the amazing Mr Ron Holloway on the saxophone.
 Our express purpose being to soothe the soul with our music and to send a message of togetherness in these troubled times. This is why we are doubly excited about the participation of the iconic Mr Holloway, a musician who has performed with the greats of both soul and jazz.
His presence in the recordings of (Dizzy Gillespie,Gil Scott Heron,Warren Haynes,Susan Tedeschi,Root Boy Slim and others ) can be accessed through the following links.


Official site:

Facebook page:

Lastly, l cannot fail to mention the input of Phil Badell in the completion of the project. We are nearing the mixing stage and you will be hearing from us soon.
Thanx to all for your continual support and love.


Our first official video clip as “A.L.V. Band”.

Thank you all for your support!!

Check at the "Music" section.

The Angel Lo Verde Band Live at "Kerameio",

Wednesday 16 November 2016

The Angel Lo Verde Band live at "Zoo", Monday 29/5/2017
It's gonna be a funky Monday!!! Come to groove!

The Angel Lo Verde Band live at Faust 22/2/2018. Lets groove tonight!!!

Oh yes, we will be there too!!
Tuesday 24 July at Exarcheia square, The Angel Lo Verde band live.

The Angel Lo Verde Band Live At Afrikana

The Angel Lo Verde Band Live at "ZOO".

Thursday 3 November 2016.

The Angel Lo Verde Band Live at "ZOO".

Sunday 15 January 2017.

New Year More Groove!!!

The Angel Lo Verde Band live at "6 D.O.G.S. ", Sunday 10/12/2017.

The Angel Lo Verde Band live at "Kerameio", Wedndesday 12/7/2017. It's summer in the city!!!

The Angel Lo Verde Band live at Faust 17/1/2018. The first live of the new year, lets celebrate it!

The Angel Lo Verde Band live at Afrikana, 4 March 2020.

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